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Stories of Greek Immigration to Canada

This project explores the history and language of Greek immigrants in Canada and elucidates their connection to the social and cultural history of the country. It contributes to the study of Greek transatlantic immigration and to the understanding of ethnic diversity in Canadian society.

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Greek immigration to Canada dates back to the early 20th century ascribing to the broader transatlantic population exodus from the Greek state, the Balkan Peninsula and Southeastern Europe. The early epoch of Greek immigration to Canada (1900- 1945) represented a fringe (1931: 9.500) of the mass movement to the United States (1900-1920: 400.000), but this equilibrium changed dramatically in the postwar setting.

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Το κυριότερο ήταν το ελληνικό σχολείο γιατί μέσω του ελληνικού σχολείου δημιουργήσαμε τη γενιά που σήμερα είναι 30άρηδες μέχρι 50άρηδες. (Prof. T. Tavouktsoglou, Edmonton)

Σηκωνόμαν το πρωί 5 η ώρα, πηγαίναμε, ταΐζαμε τις αγελάδες, καθαρίζαμε τις αγελάδες, τις αρμέγαμε, τα οποία είχε μασίνια. (Mr. I. Kerasotis, Vancouver)

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