Virtual Museum

The Virtual Museum of Greek Immigration to Canada is the outcome of a 2-year research effort (2017-2018) conducted by Immigrec, an interdisciplinary educational consortium, comprising research teams from four universities in Canada (McGill, Simon Fraser and York) and Greece (Patras), thanks to the support of the Stavros Niarchos Foundation.

The teams conducted 431 interviews in cities across Canada from informants who migrated to Canada between 1945 and 1975. They also collected archival material from public and private sources. Greek-Canadian newspapers and other publications were digitized. All this material was stored in the project's database and mined for elements used in the Virtual Museum.

This is an online portal offering an encompassing view into the Greek-Canadian immigrant experience from the departure point all the way to today. You will be able to follow personal stories and experiences throughout the various stages of the immigration trajectory thanks to a variety of audiovisual material.

In each one of the rooms of the Virtual Museum, you will be invited to listen to extracts of interviews by migrants narrating their story; you will be able to read newspaper articles or official documents of the period; you will see personal photos and objects provided by our informants. Stand in a waiting lounge and discover the experience of a migrant's trip; Stroll in a sawing room and hear the seamstresses narrate their working conditions; Take a look on individual and family portraits in a photograph's store.