Greek immigration to Canada dates back to the early 20th century ascribing to the broader transatlantic population exodus from the Greek state, the Balkan Peninsula and Southeastern Europe. The early epoch of Greek immigration to Canada (1900 - 1945) represented a fringe (1931: 9.500) of the mass movement to the United States (1900-1920: 400.000), but this equilibrium changed dramatically in the postwar setting.

Between 1945 and 1970 more than 107.000 Greek citizens immigrated to Canada, transforming thus the latter into one of the primary destinations of Greek immigration. The postwar influx of Greek immigration did not only alter the social and cultural composition of the pre-existing Greek communities, but also contributed to the reshaping of the Canadian ethnic map and the establishment of multiple connections between Canada and Greece.

According to the 2011 census 350.000 Canadian citizens characterized themselves as Greeks or of Greek origin- this figure, and the concentration of Greek-Canadians in urban centers (63% lived in Montreal and Toronto) indicates their impact on the Canadian social and cultural life.

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